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My Mission is three-fold:

  1. To bring enlightenment to the world through entertaining, speaking and counseling individuals and groups,
  2. To facilitate mainstream acceptance of psychics and other intuitive arts practitioners, and
  3. To work with corporations and other organizations as a consultant in the hiring, strategic planning, decision-making and creative processes of their businesses.
Code of Ethics:
  1. Respect the person you are reading; you must never judge them.
  2. You cannot read anyone without their permission.
  3. Be truthful; you cannot tell someone what they want to hear.
  4. You cannot tell someone what to do. That would take their power away from them.
  5. Provide information -- offer suggestions, present options and possibilities.
  6. You cannot give legal or medical advice.
  7. All readings are confidential.
  8. Always put a positive spin on every reading.