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David Yurman Event-Tampa Bay Neiman Marcus
David Yurman Solari Collection Debut

I am a down-to-earth Intuitive. I provide accurate information to people from all walks of life with wit, humor, common sense and wisdom. Every reading is different because everyone is different. I may provide validation, help facilitate change and transformation, provide information to assist with personal growth, and/or provide options and possibilities for someone who needs to make an important decision. I never know what I am going to tell someone before they sit down, choose Tarot cards, seashells, give me their palms, or provide me with a sample of their handwriting. It is the unexpected that makes for fun entertainment...and I get to live my passion.

David Yurman Event in Tampa Bay Neiman Marcus
David Yurman Solari Collection Debut

I know I have done a good job when people walk away from one of my readings feeling terrific, and the host or hostess thanks me for contributing to the success of their party. When I am asked to entertain at another event of theirs, this is further confirmation that they have confidence in me, my abilities and appreciate my professionalism. This is one of the highest compliments I can receive!

Over the years, I have read for thousands of people -- children and adults up to age 90. Entertaining at an event of yours, or providing a one-on-one reading for you would be my pleasure!