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Handwriting Readings

I offer handwriting readings for events, often combined with palm readings. Handwriting, like palms, provide insight into someone's character and personality. Children and young adults, today, rarely write cursive; they print -- even their signature. This sometimes makes it difficult to look for certain nuances I might normally find in handwriting. My technique is simple -- connect to the energy  of the person, utilize my knowledge of handwriting analysis and tie it all together with intuition.

It doesn't matter if someone, writes, prints or print-writes. I can still read their handwriting and provide them with a reading.

I ask each person to write two or three sentences and sign their name. What fascinates me is comparing palms and handwriting -- both types of readings reveal the same character and personality traits.

Davida Rappaport, Althea Montgomery and Sara Benedetto performing handwriting and energy readings for the ConfessionALL at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood, California.

Please be advised that I am not a handwriting analyst or graphologist. I am intuitive with a good working knowledge of handwriting analysis.