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Lipstick Readings (“Lip Print Readings”)

Lipstick ("Lip Print") Readings -- as unique as you are!

Lipstick (Lip Print) Readings for Events
Lipstick (Lip Print) Readings for Events

If you are looking for something a little bit different for your next party, why not try intuitive lipstick readings.  Lips, like fingerprints, are unique and provide insight into someone's character and personality. It's fun, fast and interactive.

Lipstick readings are suitable for any type of event  where you might want a fortune teller, psychic, Tarot or palm reader.  It would add a fun, playful element to corporate or special events at any of the following venues:  hotels, departments stores,  boutiques, open houses, beauty salons or spas.

Lipstick (Lip Print) Readings
Lipstick (Lip Print) Readings

Product launches, etc.!

Cosmetics Company
Are you launching new lipstick colors or some other product line?  Lipstick readings would be perfect.  Here are some ideas for your launch or special event:

  • Provide mini samples of lipsticks for the readings.  Each guest would then choose the  color they like and use it for their reading and then take it home with them after having a reading -- a give-away.  Getting something free should provide an incentive for the customer to purchase something else go with their new sample lipstick, such as eye shadow, blush or nail polish.  Or maybe they will buy a tube of the lipstick they sampled.
  • Pre-sell your lipstick and have your customers come in for your event later that week to pick it up and have a reading.
  • Request customers make a purchase of $35 or more, including a lipstick in order to have a reading at your special or "pop-up" event.

Feel free to view the following video of a lipstick reading I performed for INGLOT Cosmetics at Nigels Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood.

Clothing, Accessories, or Jewelry Designers
If you have a new collection you are introducing, why not entertain your guests and clients with a lipstick reading?

If you would like me to use a customized 4"x6" "kiss" card with your logo or special message, I would appreciate it if you would supply them.

How do I perform these readings?

I ask each guest to choose a lipstick color they like and apply a thick coat to their lips.  (Men can do this, too; of course, most of them will probably wipe off the lipstick when their reading is finished.)  All lipsticks are cleaned after each use with alcohol so there is no possibility of any  contamination. However, if a guest has their own tube of lipstick (not overly frosted, glossy, dry, or pale) they may use it.*

  1. Once the guest has applied a fresh coat of lipstick to their lips, they are instructed to "pucker up" and kiss a 4"x6" card twice, making sure they do not kiss the card in the same spot.
  2. The guest then writes their name on the card; when they are finished, I do their reading.

I take many things into account  when doing this type of reading --  the shape of someone's lips, how the prints look on the card, and I tie it all together intuitively. Everyone's reading is different.

* If a lipstick is overly frosted, dry, a pale color or glossy, it may not leave a good print on the card.  The clearer the print, the easier it is to see and interpret the "kiss".

Please be advised that I am not a Lipsologist; I am an intuitive lipstick reader.