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Tarot and Palm Readings

Art by Ciro Marchetti

A Tarot reading is unpredictable. I never know what I am going to read for a person until they choose their cards. Tarot provides a glimpse into what is currently going in in someone's life. I do not use Tarot to predict the future. I use it to provide information that someone can use to create their future.  As an entertainer, I use Tarot as a tool to entertain, enlighten and empower people. I see patterns, options and possibilities for every person I read. In my hands, this amazing deck of 78 cards can provide information that can validate someone, give them clarity and peace of mind, and can assist in the healing process. I am grateful I am able to be there to help under the title of "Entertainer".

Client 1d
Photo by Victor Holt (VICDMNDS)

Palm Readings...

When I read someone's palm, I examine both hands - front and back. I look at the size and shape of their hands for information about their personality and character. The lines in their palms show me how they have used what they were given. Palms are always exciting to look at and infinitely fascinating! Everyone's hands, while they may look similar, tell a different story.

If you cannot decide what type of readings you want for an event, I'm flexible. I can always give people a choice.