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Speaking Engagements

As a Speaker...

    • I specialize in lectures and seminars on Tarot and spiritual/personal growth.
    • As a speaker, I am passionate. I like to inspire, entertain, and motivate people in a playful and safe atmosphere.
    • I am philosophical and down-to-earth; I like nothing more than making whatever topic I am presenting accessible to everyone in the room.
    • I try to make my lectures interactive, whenever possible.
    • As an empath, I adapt my materials to my audience’s energy and shift the topic accordingly.
    • Previously, I have lectured at several Whole Life Expos and at the "Adventures in Body, Mind and Spirit Expo" in Spokane, Washington.
    • I am a Certified Seminar Leader, having completed my training with American Seminar Leaders Association ("ASLA") in 1997.

Lectures and/or Workshops:

Keynote Speaker:

Would you like me to be your keynote speaker? Is there something specific you would like me to include in my address while entertaining, enlightening and empowering your sales force or group?

Lecture Topics:

"Tarot: An Empowerment Tool for Relationships" lecture
"Tarot: An Empowerment Tool for Relationships" at the Museum of Broken Relationships
  1. "Tarot:  An Empowerment Tool for Relationships"
  2. "Who’s Living Your Life?" deals with handling fear in your everyday life and career.
  3. "Connecting to The Spirit Within" explores different ways for individuals to connect to their own intuition.
  4. "Practical Tarot" - What Tarot-related topic would you like me to focus on for you? A specific card? Interpreting Tarot? Using or creating specific Tarot layouts? I am open to whatever you want to learn.
  5. "Manifest your wishes and dreams." Discover how to create what you want while learning how to avoid any missteps in the creation process.

Custom-Designed Topics

  • Do you want a self-esteem and/or empowerment lecture or workshop designed especially for your group or organization? Tell me what main points you want covered and I will create an unforgettable experience for all attendees.
  • All lectures can be expanded into 1/2-day workshops.
  • Handouts and/or workbooks will be provided for all lectures or workshops.

Booking Information:

  • If your event is not located in the greater Los Angeles area, my fee will include travel and accommodations, in addition to my speaker fee.
  • Contact me directly or have your favorite speakers bureau contact me. Currently, I am not listed with any speakers bureaus.

Past Speaking Engagements:

Topic:  "Tarot as an Empowerment Tool for Relationships"
:  September 26, 2016;
Time:  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location:  The Museum of Broken Relationships-Los Angeles