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Spiritual Counselor

Psychic FairAs a Spiritual Counselor...

I provide a service that should be considered valuable to my clients. I have never, nor will I ever take advantage of anyone. I have and continue to turn down potential clients who seek a Psychic who will tell them what they want to hear. I promote independence and healing. I am here to provide guidance -- enlightenment and empowerment. I am a spiritual counselor, not a therapist.

Many of my private clients are referrals from existing clients, former Tarot students of mine, and people I have read for at parties/events and expos over the years.

I provide a lot of information in a half hour or an hour session so my clients do not necessarily need to contact me on a regular basis. I might hear from someone one-to-three months after a session. This is usually when things shift and they need validation or further insight. Sometimes I do not hear from a client for three-to-five years. It all depends on how their life changes and when they need to reach out to me. 

This photo (at left) is from one of the first psychic fairs I worked in the 1980s.

What you can expect from a private consultation...

  • I am a Tarot-based Intuitive; once I connect to someone's energy, I am able to read for them. I may also use angel cards and/or oracle cards, if I feel they are needed.
  • My gifts include the ability to read character, patterns, issues, blockages, change and transformation.
  • I am able to look at options and possibilities for any situation, which can aid in decision-making.
  • I show my clients how they can create positive change and empower them accordingly.
  • Whenever my clients are faced with major, life-changing decisions or situations, I am able to cut through the clutter and offer insight, common sense and wisdom.  I can show them options and possibilities.
  • On occasion, I am able to receive messages from relatives and friends who have crossed over (aka Cross-Over Readings).
  • I also offer past life Tarot readings.
  • I am non-judgmental and GBLTQ friendly.


  • Do you permit one free question per client?

No I do not.

  • If I do not live in the Los Angeles area, can I still have a reading with you?

Absolutely. I offer regular phone appointments, or you can have a conversation with me via Skype or ooVoo (webconference, phone or text--similar to IM).

  • If I just have a quick question or two that I need answered, can I email you instead of booking an appointment?

Of course. I will answer your question(s) in a timely manner. Depending upon the complexity of the question(s), I may charge you for a either a 10-, 15-, or 20-minute appointment. I will confirm the amount of time needed and if I need a bit more background information prior to proceeding prior to tuning in.

  • How much time is generally needed for a consultation?

While most clients need only 30-minute appointments, others individuals may need 45 minutes or an hour.

  • What type of payment do you accept for your services?

I accept many different forms of payment. However, payment by Visa, MasterCard or Discover for a 30-minute session may be requested prior to telephone, Skype or ooVoo consultations for new clients. If a session exceeds 30 minutes, any additional time will appear as second charge on your credit card. At the present, I do not accept PayPal.

  • Can you help people in the entertainment industry in addition to reading at their wrap or premiere parties?

Absolutely! I love assisting writers and others with character development and continuity issues. Of course, I can assist with information regarding Tarot and/or Palm readings. For example, if a producer or writer wants to use a Tarot spread for a specific character or situation in a movie or television program, I can show him/her several ways in which he/she can present the information accurately on camera.

  • Do you offer your intuitive consulting services to corporate clients?

Yes. Please contact me to discuss your needs and I will work with you to arrive at an acceptable arrangement.

  • How do I schedule an appointment with you?

You can either call or email me and I will try to accommodate your schedule. Please be advised that either of us may reschedule for any reason with at least a 24-hour courtesy notice.

  • How often should I schedule an appointment?

Everyone's need for a reading/consultation is different. While one person may need a yearly update, someone else may need appointments several times a year, or more often than once a month. Non-corporate clients are limited to one appointment per week, maximum.

Appointment and Payment Information

  • All appointments are strictly confidential and can be recorded for the client’s future use.
  • Digital recordings are either burned to CD or the individual audiofiles will be emailed as WMA files.
  • Contact me, Davida, for an in-person, telephone or Skype reading.
  • All telephone, Skype or ooVoo appointments must be prepaid by Visa/MasterCard/Discover Card.