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"Davida Rappaport is great at her craft. There are always lines formed at events for her services and guests leave totally wowed by what she informed them.  She is always a fun addition to events." -- Tara Scarioni

"Davida is amazing. We first met Davida when we had a large party (approx 200 people) and were fortunate enough to be able to book her as one of our key entertainment people. There was a line 10+ deep all night and she was the hit of the party. She's the highlight every time we have the party and often people ask for her when they RSVP.
We've also invited Davida to our Girls Night Out party for a small number of girl friends. It's a must do experience that we still talk about - very personal and fun!!!
Davida is a sure hit for any party!!" -- Tracy N.

"Davida Rappaport has been an integral part of our entertainment team at James Events Productions for many years now. Her skills and entertainment value put her on the top of the list whenever we need any type of Fortune Telling, Mystic, or similar talents. And her flexibility to adapt to whatever situation we put her in also makes her a great asset to the creative and sales team at James Events. Most of all, the clients love her and often request that she be part of their entertainment package. Not just any Fortune Teller... but HER personally." -- Rob Hilburn - Director of Entertainment, James Events Productions

"Davida is a true professional, she is a longtime friend & vendor and one of Fortune's most requested Psychics. If you are looking for some fun entertainment (spot on with her Psychic assessments) Davida's a solid choice" -- GF, Fortune Entertainment

"It's important when we hire a psychic or tarot reader that they are legitimate, engaging yet still entertaining. Davida is a venerable psychic savant that always pleases and leaves our guests begging for more! Thank you Davida!" -- Michael Gapinski President, Iconic Event Studios

"I hired Davida for an Indian-themed Birthday Party, with 21 Girls, on 8-8-2015. Davida came highly recommended by friends of mine. All my friends were excited to hear a Wonderful Psychic was going to be at my party.  I must say, that every single girl came up to me and said, "Davida knew exactly what was going on in my Life." Everybody was beyond shocked at how right on she was. She also was able to give great insight on how to move forward in their lives and give great advice for their future. I would give her an 11 out of 1-10. Davida is a True Psychic." -- Lynn

"V!BE Entertainment has had the pleasure of working with Davida over the last 8 years, and looks forward to many more. She has always proved to be a consummate professional, who is loved and requested by our repeat clients." -- V!BE Entertainment

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