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Spiritual Counselor

"Thank you for your wise counsel today.  You helped me more than you can imagine, and I am very grateful to you. You truly have a wonderful gift, and I can only imagine the numerous amount of people you have helped with your well-honed talent. I do believe that readers such as yourself will help to bring Tarot reading into the mainstream of consciousness in our society and world." -- S.P.

"I have known Davida for many years. She has come to me and my family in our time of need. Davida came and comforted me today and read my cards and did a reading for my daughter who passed over Tuesday. She felt her pain and let us know that she was sorry for causing us so much pain. She wanted me to forgive her. Davida cleansed my home and I felt at peace. She left and I left like I could carry on even in this grief. I thank you Davida for the gift you gave me today. Many blessings my dear friend. -- Doncella

"Davida is the best clairvoyant I've worked with. She reads me before we even begin our session. That's definitely why I consult with her when life needs clarity and perspective. Davida's talent has helped me make important life, career and relationship decisions. I'm happy to have known her for a long time and that she has been quite accessible even though we live in different cities. I've had many psychic parties with my friends where Davida also helped them see what they were missing.  I trust her guidance and value her abilities." -- L.F.

"Davida’s insight helped me uncover layers of things I was already soul searching within myself for, but could not touch upon. She was spot on when delving into those multi-layers that some times the signs are there in front of you and you can’t see for yourself. She really helped me connect those dots. Most people go to psychics to find out about love or money, but with Davida, you are going to go much deeper into an exploration of yourself. And that’s exactly what I needed." -- SB, Filmmaker

"I have known Davida for over 20 years. I absolutely love how even though we haven't seen each other in many years, she was able to look at her tarot cards and tell me what's going on in my life. She can tap into my energy like no one I have ever known. If you are lucky enough to get a reading or attend one of Davida's classes, you will walk away from the reading/class with a better understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses and how you are ultimately in charge of your own destiny. Davida's talents lie not only in her ability to read your cards, but she is also talented in reading palms and sea shells!" -- Liz Alvarez