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Tarot Instructor

"Davida, I left last night's meeting realizing that this was probably one of the most positive if not growing experiences for me in my life. I spent 45 years in advertising in a very senior level  (SVP, Director, Big F@$@ big shot--ha!!) and when you said I should speak up, be confident not be timid, it was a bit shocking to my person. That only confirmed my belief that this course has and will be a wonderful growing experience for me and I thank you for it." -- Lorraine Alper Kramer

"I've had many teachers in my life and few have inspired and captivated me as much as Davida. She knows and loves Tarot and freely wants to share her knowledge and experience with her students.  The study of tarot can seem overwhelming. However, Davida quickly brought our intuitive side out while we (our class) studied the foundation of this fascinating and mystical deck of cards." -- Jil MoraMarco, O.M.D.

"Just a note to express my appreciation to you regarding your comments to me after class last night... This is all very new to me and I know you are truly a professional at this and I value your opinion highly... You took the time to encourage me and tell me about what I was doing right -- Invaluable! Makes you a great teacher as well as a clever practitioner of your craft -- Many thanks." -- K. Lemon

"I am sooooo excited to take your classes. I really learned last night! What I really liked about the way you teach is that you didn't make us feel like we didn't know anything and it would takes years for us to get to a "certain" level. Those one on one readings were so touching within the group. Just what everyone said was so wonderful. I saw a group of beautiful women that had come together for the evening to share, help and heal each other in their dreams and aspirations!" -- Alison

"I wanted to send a brief 'Thank you' for another wonderful class. You have a very unique way of bringing the cards to life and closer to people. It is most amazing!" -- Kerstin Ide

"Davida is an insightful, inspirational woman with a strong intuition she can skillfully use during a reading." -- Annie Studner

"After years of independent study trying to learn how read the Tarot, and often finding myself frustrated by the process, it was refreshing to find Davida's Tarot classes at Santa Monica College, where the Major and Minor Arcanas are taught in a practical and methodical way. Davida taught me to look beyond the cards and to trust my intuition and the artwork of whatever deck I decide to use. Davida is a genuinely unique and gifted teacher. Very knowledgeable and talented in her field, she is thorough in her explanations and nurtures an extremely supportive classroom environment. Her presentation style is enjoyable and highly entertaining; I was left after each class wanting more. She called her approach 'common sense', and I could not agree more. There were no esoteric names, no rituals, and no flowery language. I felt as if I was learning a science that is rich in tradition. Davida is not only knowledgeable about the cards and their meanings, but she also focuses upon a highly professional approach to reading the cards for others. She provides a protocol for readings, and speaks frequently about the importance of ethics. Her class was an empowering experience for me as well as a hugely enlightening one!" -- Michael Nicklin

"Davida is naturally captivating and skilled at reading tarot. Her classroom is inviting, I always felt comfortable asking questions and speaking up. I have a much better understanding of tarot and use it regularly as a personal learning tool and guide. Davida is truly gifted and being her student was a delight!" -- Meghan Gieber

"I took a number of tarot classes with Davida. She is a fantastic teacher! I cannot stress how much I enjoyed her classes! Davida is not only passionate about tarot, but very knowledgeable on the subject. She is quick to share this wisdom and passion with her students. I started out clueless and within a few classes was reading cards and spreads confidently. It's been a few years since I've taken a class but I still miss Davida very much. I would sign up for her classes in a heartbeat if I resided in the same city! She's incredible at both teaching and very accurate reading." -- Kiana

"I was interested in Tarot Cards and I wanted to be able to look at them and read them without using a book for guidance. That is exactly what I am able to do after studying with Davida. Davida teaches you how to look at the imagery on the cards and draw on that to interpret the meanings. This is the most natural way to read the cards. As a secondary goal, I wanted to be able to do readings for others. In her classes, students read for each other. I have made some good friends, people who I have something in common with, and I have learned how to read Tarot and have fun doing it! Davida is able to do some pretty amazing things when she reads for you. She really knows what she is doing and is always able to get more out of a reading than you would think possible." -- TM

"When I signed up to take Davida's beginning tarot class at Santa Monica College I had no idea it would change my life. Davida's way of teaching empowers the student with the fun and synchronicity of tarot reading from the get-go. From the very first class we were doing group readings, and being amazed at the other students responses to our interpretation of the cards. Tarot is a way of taking time to focus on a question or area in our lives, and who wouldn't benefit from that! Davida is an insightful reader, and an inspiring teacher. She encourages you to jump right in!" -- Maureen Murphy

"Davida is an inspirational woman. She is very dedicated and a serious professor of tarot. Davida is certainly knowledgeable of the topic. In addition, she focuses on positive outcomes, and she gives minimal impact to the negative aspects. I enjoyed her classes because she makes it interactive which ensures that her students are actually learning in the right way. I definitely recommend Davida as tarot teacher because of her seriousness and clarity in teaching." -- Carol Rodriguez